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Football Scores College Top 25

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Description1. Third in Ohio, Maryland (-42.5) Ohio State has a 7-1 record this season and will get a good rest after a week of goodbye. For conference games, this spread is ridiculous, and Terps is stuck in the predicament of losing four games. They l

1. Third in Ohio, Maryland (-42.5)

Ohio State has a 7-1 record this season and will get a good rest after a week of goodbye. For conference games, this spread is ridiculous, and Terps is stuck in the predicament of losing four games. They lost to Pennsylvania State University, Minnesota and Michigan averaged 44 points per game. It's a tough request, but it takes a touchdown to make it fun.

2. Pennsylvania State University in the 13th state of Minnesota, 5th place (-7)

The Gophers played a show game at home, and both teams had a goodbye for a week to add new wrinkles. Pennsylvania State University won the last meeting 29-26 in the 2016 thriller, setting the direction for the development of the program. that's right.

3. Vanderbilt (Fander Florida) ranked 10th in Florida (-26)

For the Alligators, this is a hangover place. In the last two seasons of losing to Georgia, every one of Missouri was hit hard by Missouri. Vanderbilt continued to struggle offensively, but they lingered long enough to cover it up.

3. TCU's No. 11 Baylor (-1.5)

The Bears can't afford to face off against Oklahoma and Texas, knowing that the Horned Frogs have won the last four games of the series. Freshman quarterback Max Duggan played better at home, and TCU ended Baylor's perfect season.

4. East Carolina (SMU) ranked 23rd (-21.5)

East Carolina stopped in Cincinnati's overtime loss, while SMU was in Memphis's prime-time loss. The Broncos have all eight games over this season, so another shootout seems inevitable.

5. LSU 1 of Alabama 2 (1)

This is the "War of the Century". Don't expect to learn more about the identity of Tawa Tavailova before it starts. This line may drop even more, which adds to the value of Crimson Tide because they know they have won the last eight meetings. The Alabama thriller wins again, and they may run back in the college football playoffs.

6. UConn ranked 17th in Cincinnati (-35)

The Eskimos have been defeated by weaknesses by 20 points at least six times this season. In this case, their record is 3-3. The Pandas' pass rate is 5-3 this season, but their performance for the second consecutive week seems to be too high.

7. 20th in Kansas, Texas (-7)

Under the leadership of the first-year coach Chris Klieman, the Wildcats have become one of the best stories of the season. They will sweep Oklahoma and Texas in the regular season. State, thereby issuing a new statement. The Longhorns like to take a 3-2 lead this season, but they have achieved a much-needed victory here.

8. Virginia Tech 22 Wake Forest (-2)

Last week, we boasted of trying to choose NC State against Demon Deacons, which is a tribute to the work done by Dave Clawson and the team. Wake Forest won the last clash between the two teams in the infamous 6-3 match in 2014. This time, the teams made some more points, but the deacons continued to stay ahead.

9. Wisconsin No. 16 and Iowa No. 18 (-9.5)

It is worth mentioning that the team won the last game of the 38-14 Camp Randall Stadium. Both teams have a goodbye week, but this has a lot of points in the old ten showdown.

10. 6th in Georgia, Missouri (-17.5)

Since the Tigers joined the SEC, Georgia's spread to the Tigers has ended in 2-4. After the Florida game, the mood may be depressed. We think the situation is just the opposite. Jake Fromm is more confident when playing against the Tigers on the ground.

11. Clemson, NC State ranked 4th (-32.5)

Clemson's spread in the ACC game is 5-1, and all spreads are 24 points or more. The Tigers are in search and destruction mode, but would such a large team be important? Remember, North Carolina is the only team to score more than 14 points against Clemson this season.

12. The 15th Duke of Notre Dame (-8)

Notre Dame beat Virginia Tech at the last minute, and the Irish still have hope for the New Year's Day 6 bowl. After winning at Duke, their record against the ACC team improved to 4-0.

13. No. 9 in Oklahoma, Iowa (-14.5)

Oklahoma takes a week off to avoid losing to Kansas. This is the best way to return to the playoffs dialogue is to have a series of blowouts in the conference. Iowa encountered the wrong team at the wrong time.

14. Wyoming (Boise State) ranked 21st (-13)

The Broncos are 4-3-1 this year, but the record is 3-1. Wyoming's two turnovers this season add up to a total of 7 points. This is the first chance to win at Boise State University.

15. San Diego State University, Nevada (No. 24) (-17.5)

San Diego State University’s goodbye week to prepare for Nevada, averaged only 14 points per game on the road this season. The Aztecs won seven games, averaging 9.6 points per game. It's not a blowout here either.
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