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Football Index Can I Get Money Back,Football Index Can You Make Money

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DescriptionHenry Lai is an Asian football authority in the European and American lottery industry . It has first-hand information channels for many clubs, and is good at discovering information about big and small leagues. How to use the Betfair Index

Henry Lai is an Asian football authority in the European and American lottery industry It has first-hand information channels for many clubs, and is good at discovering information about big and small leagues.

How to use the Betfair Index to make big money in the lottery?


First of all, we need to know that Betfair Exchange is not a betting company or betting station. It does not participate in opening and accepting bets. Betfair Exchange is for various events available for betting (including football and other sports, stock Index rises and falls, traditional casino games, etc.) have opened up a platform similar to a stock exchange. On this platform, customers can trade with each other. Betfair was listed in 2000 and was one of the earliest online lottery exchanges. Now betfair is also doing the traditional bookmaker model, but operates in another department, separate from the exchange team. In other words, betfair not only opens an exchange, it also opens a gaming company. Betfair can be said to be the leader in the gaming industry, so many lottery friends regard them as an authority, especially the Betfair Index.


The Betfair Index is an index system that indicates market trading tendency after a large number of calculations, records, and statistical analysis of the Betfair bidding transaction data model. All its data are truly derived from Betfair’s transaction. Its core model is :

Single index = (single transaction volume X single transaction price) / the sum of the product of the volume and price of the three wins, ties, and losses

So as to accurately calculate the current market capital investment and lock-in status of buyers and sellers. Among them, single transaction volume and single transaction price, if accurate to the specific transaction to calculate, and then calculate the total.

To study the Betfair Index, first clarify the relationship between the Betfair Exchange and European odds. There is linkage between the above three. The Betfair Index can simulate the profit and loss of mainstream betting companies through the dynamic trading volume of Betfair Exchange, so as to see that the hot side of the game is the only one, and that's it. It does not represent any position of the betting company. The adjustment of the water level in the front market is only to balance the bet or to further reduce the payout.

for instance

There will definitely be people buying large amounts of money to win or lose in competitions where there is a big difference between the strengths and weaknesses, but these will not make the company go bankrupt instantly. Every company has a reasonable risk aversion plan. This plan may not be able to turn losses into profits, but at least Can greatly reduce the risk of compensation. Moreover, the bookmaker considers the overall situation. This kind of game is certainly a game that makes the bookmaker very unhappy, but it does not mean that the bookmaker is closed when it encounters such a game. The bookmaker must have the ability to bear this aspect.


Like this confrontation between the strong and the weak, the lottery officials did not offer the odds of winning, which is also a means of resisting risks.

The Betfair Index is of great value to high-end players and data research companies, especially friends and organizations that specialize in fetching water. However, for ordinary lottery players, it is a bit like a tasteless one. I personally do not recommend using the Betfair Index to judge the popularity of the game in every game. Otherwise, it is easy to fall into the phenomenon of optimistic teams but excessively worried about overheating. Courage to bet on unpopular circles. Too much research will only make you more confused. It is recommended that novices do not study these. It is better to analyze the lower handicap and study the fundamentals more realistically.

Of course, if you like to use betfair transaction data analysis, I recommend betradar's betfair and matchbook transaction data.


My research direction on Henry Lai Football Lottery is fundamentals, and odds are secondary. However, in the early years, I have been taught some Betfair Index experience by European experts abroad. In the Betfair Index profit and loss column, if the values ​​on both sides are not higher than 50, it is good to follow the turnover. If the market remains unchanged on the spot, and there is no particularly large quota to enter, it is generally not a big problem. However, this kind of performance is one of the best in a hundred, and it takes some time for everyone to choose and research.


I, Henry Lai, have been involved in and in-depth study of the football betting industry for 15 years, and now I work in a domestic football betting media. I remember that after the 2002 World Cup in Korea and Japan, peripheral games, football lotteries and other related betting items have become popular all over the country, especially in the South. The football promotion of radio, newspaper, and even TV stations is simply overwhelming. Everyone on the radio said that he is a Southeast Asian back village, a trader. Many websites even advertise insider, match-fixing, and trading balls as their promotional selling points. All claim that their hit rate is as high as 85%, and even brazenly brag to 100%.

In this kind of ear-shaded football promotion environment, most of the fans and lottery players are affected. Let the vast majority of people subconsciously think that match-fixing, the inside story is a normal situation, and many red-eyed lottery players are deceived, making it worse. The so-called fans of the authorities, when you calm down, you will find that the so-called informants and those with insider information are all sitting down and talking to you about the sports news of Sina Tencent.

Today is the 21st century, and many things have been replaced by computers. Especially the data area has already entered the era of big data, and everything is programmed. The so-called trader is actually just a programmer. In the ever-changing arena, the human brain is definitely inferior to the computer, and there are definitely more misoperations than the computer. Therefore, changes in odds and changes in handicap are all based on formulas and information fundamentals. , The betting situation is adjusted. Instead of spending time studying why the handicap has changed and catching the wind, it is better to gather information. In the football lottery market, the agreement ball won by the package will not easily be in the hands of outsiders, especially in the hands of gamblers. Please abandon those so-called inside stories, agreement balls, don't trust the so-called traders! In the 21st century of information, why do you still lose money with those so-called "materials" that have no reason? Why are they still analyzing the recent wins and losses of the two teams, who are holding the bag to win the lore intelligence? !

In the future, I will work hard to collect information and intelligence from global football matches for everyone. Please pay attention to my dynamics on NetEase Hongcai.

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