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Football Betting Tips Kick Off

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DescriptionNowadays, many people like to buy sports lottery in their spare time. However, as an old lottery player, do you seriously calculate an account. Do you make money or lose money when you buy sports lottery every year? In fact, it goes without
Nowadays, many people like to buy sports lottery in their spare time. However, as an old lottery player, do you seriously calculate an account. Do you make money or lose money when you buy sports lottery every year? In fact, it goes without saying that most people are at a loss. However, there are a very small number of old lottery players who make a profit without losing money. There is an old lottery player at the lottery station opposite the community where I live. He makes a profit every month when he buys lottery tickets. Today, I will share with you the ten “Sunflower Collections” of old lottery players’ betting tips on football betting, and teach you how to increase your winning rate.
1. Betting early to get high returns. Analyzing from the market opened by the compensation company, under normal circumstances, the earliest open odds most accurately reflect the strength of the opponents in the game and predict the outcome of the game. However, as time goes by, the opening company has mastered the amount of betting. In order to rationally divert the betting funds and ease the pressure on the betting, it uses the continuous fluctuations of the odds to regulate and guide the diversion of the betting amount. According to the usual experience, it is approaching An hour before the start of the fight, the easier it is to lower the odds. Therefore, if investors think that certain markets are relatively stable, it is recommended to place an order as soon as possible to increase revenue.
2. Don't bet blindly. Nowadays, many lottery players do not have good self-control. They can’t understand the opening of the lottery all day long. No matter how many games there are, from the morning to the next morning, the result is a lot of money invested. Counting the next day, not only the spirit of insomnia at night Poor, I lost a lot of money. This is the result of blind betting. Buying a lottery requires patience and strong self-control. Under normal circumstances, it is enough to analyze only 2 to 3 football matches a day. Regardless of whether you win a lottery or not, you must restrain yourself. Don't fight against yourself. The more you buy and lose, the more you will become angry. Leave Uncle Mao out tonight, so that there is nothing but death.
3. Make a plan for lottery purchases and avoid investing every day. Everyone's source of income is relatively fixed, so plan your own capital investment. Generally speaking, the investment in buying lottery tickets should account for 15-20% of your monthly income. For example, if your monthly stable income is 3,000 yuan, you can invest up to 450-600 yuan to buy lottery tickets. Only when you plan your own funds strictly in this way can you not affect your normal living expenses, and you can easily play lottery. It is enough to buy only Saturday and Sunday for two days a week. From Monday to Friday, go to work with peace of mind, and then study the handicap carefully at the weekend, so as not to affect your own judgment. Control your emotions appropriately, and if you are unsure, stop and wait.
4. Don't be too greedy, and don't buy too many games. From the perspective of the odds of winning, the odds of winning in a single game are only 33%. If the odds of winning for Ren 2 are at most 15%, the odds of winning for Ren 3 and Ren 4 are even lower. But many people always buy six skewers, seven skewers, or even eight skewers! I always have illusions, thinking that a bike becomes a motorcycle! In fact, I also know that there is no return from hitting dogs with buns! There is only a loss but no profit! So why is it still "Ultraman"? Do you have a lot of money to lose? Quickly overcome your own "Ultraman" mentality. If there is no more than 90% certainty, it is better to cast less or not to vote for any 4 or more. From the perspective of long-term investment analysis, generally buying Ren 2 (two-string one) is the best choice, and the odds are relatively reasonable. Generally 1.6 times 1.6 odds, buying 100 yuan, you can have 256 yuan income, and a net profit of 156 yuan. If you buy it for 10 days a month and win the prize for 6 days, you can earn 600 yuan. If you calculate a pack of cigarettes for 20 yuan a day, you can get a month’s worth of cigarettes. Buying lottery tickets is focused on entertainment. Buying lottery tickets with an entertaining mentality will result in unexpected gains. If you want to make money by buying football lottery tickets, then please "Ultraman" should leave the lottery station early to avoid losing money. The sad end of no return!
5. Vote for familiar leagues and avoid unknown wild matches. There are many leagues in the world, and you can't do everything. Simply looking at the payouts does not guarantee an increase in your shooting percentage. Unfamiliar leagues tend to make you more provocative. Generally speaking, buying the top five leagues is enough for you to study the handicap. Don’t touch the “League One”, “Asian Cup”, “Japanese League”. It's hard to get out of the trap.
6. Be cautious about single betting, and double-choice multiple betting is often used. If there is no 80% (or even 90%) certainty, it is best not to single-select. Double elections at the right time will bring unexpected gains. For example, if you buy a double-choice and a single-choice optimization, one buy wins with a medium odds, and the other double chooses to tie the loss. If the sell-off happens to be tied, then the benefits will be considerable.
7. Overcome delusions and increase betting funds as if you don't climb the stairs. For example, the delusion of double vote of 2, 4, 8, 16... must be overcome. It is absolutely impossible for you to bet correctly every time. Any failure will ruin your previous efforts and lose all your money. Therefore, a solid investment plan and capital control It is very necessary. It is necessary to make reasonable expenditures based on your monthly salary income and plan every bet of funds.
8. It's good to make money, and flies are also meat. For example, if there are two single selections that are very stable, even if the odds are only 1.2, the multiplication of the two pairs will yield 44%. For another example, if the 232 combination has two double selections that are very stable, even if both games are played with only 2.1 odds, the return will be more than 10%. If one is played 2 and one is 2.5, then the return is 25%. And so on.
9. Beware of handicap traps and don't be confused by appearances. Many of our lottery players like to look at handicap odds to choose to buy lottery tickets. It is often easy to be confused by the surface phenomenon of the handicap, thinking that the odds are between 1.2 and 1.6, it is easy to make a hit. When you see such odds, and if you give it to a half ball or a half ball, you don’t hesitate. As a result, he was upset and appeared at odds of 5.8 in the next set. Looking at the result of the game, I regretted that my intestines were all blue after patting my thigh. As if waking up from a dream, he exclaimed: "I was fooled by the dealer again!".
10. Don't have public psychology, do the opposite. Many lottery players now like to analyze and predict the results of the game based on the rankings and strengths of both sides of the team. Some people like to analyze the Asian handicap to make bets. In fact, any method of analysis has its advantages and disadvantages, and we cannot only consider the problem from one aspect. Not only look at the appearance, but also guess the psychology of the public, but also consider the psychology of the dealer. In addition, it is necessary to analyze the recent injuries of both sides of the team, and the fighting intentions of both sides. The more a strong team makes a weak team, the easier it is for the unpopularity to overturn in the gutter. We can only overcome the public psychology and do the opposite. Will win the prize
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