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DescriptionKeep betting means, in fact, should keep LRR. Assuming that the bet loses and the profit is less than 10,000, each $500 bet will not be reduced because there is LRR=20. But what if the surplus is positive? For example, if I go to $15,000, a
Keep betting means, in fact, should keep LRR. Assuming that the bet loses and the profit is less than 10,000, each $500 bet will not be reduced because there is LRR=20. But what if the surplus is positive? For example, if I go to $15,000, and my LRR remains the same (in fact, my LRR has not changed all the time), each bet is $750. The surplus goes to $50,000, which is $2,500 per bet. The snowball keeps getting bigger and bigger. But this will lead to 3 fatal problems/psychological obstacles:
(A) If you win money from the left, you will naturally want to spend it. This is human nature, and it is also a good thing. But in fact, if you win Zuo, you will spend Zuo Qu. In disguise, in the plan, there will be less Zuo surplus, and the growth of profits will also be slowed down. So it's time to see what the ultimate goal of everyone's betting is. If your goal is to have D spare money to spend on a regular basis, it is understandable. but I. My ultimate goal is not so simple. I hope to retire early, so I will think: After all the hard work of pre-match analysis, I want to retire . So I'm not going to waste those surpluses. I will stay within the capital and continue to grow.
(B) Don't be afraid to offend you, I believe that most of the brothers are not necessarily big bosses. The monthly labor is believed to range from several thousand to tens of thousands. When the profit rolls in, the LRR does not change, so each bet may be equal to (or more than) your manual one month. Every time you buy according to the plan, you may do it once or twice, but you may not get it every time you do it. If the bet is lost for three or more days, it will be even more shaken. In fact, it is also human nature. I have encountered this myself. But then I would say: I am convinced that my betting strategy is on point. So keep going, I haven't flinched. In addition, some friends will be very surprised and asked me: Wow, you can buy 20,000 to 30,000 yuan a day. I could not explain my whole betting strategy with him at that time, so I can only answer him: you win $500 left, would you mind losing $20 or $30? He doesn't mind. So my words: the same sister. There is a surplus of 500,000, and would (should) mind losing 20,000 or 30,000?
(C) When the profit keeps growing, it will unexpectedly read a lot of left field. For example, the ambition to buy a large D. Conservative hope holds the victory. Buy fine left. There will also be a "cutting grass" faction, who will take the fan and come out, and stop losing the fan. There will be an increase in the LRR faction. etc. I don't particularly have different comments on different choices. After all, everyone is different. I just remind everyone: what is your ultimate goal? You can do it all right. Is it the most ideal way to meet your ultimate goal? So I have always only put the winnings in the capital.
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