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Can Football Scores be Negative

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DescriptionThis time I will share 40 FACTORS that I should keep an eye out for when betting. These 40 FACTORS put it bluntly about what should and should not be done when betting, or can be said about the attitudes that should and should not be when b

This time I will share 40 FACTORS that I should keep an eye out for when betting. These 40 FACTORS put it bluntly about what should and should not be done when betting, or can be said about the attitudes that should and should not be when betting. So there are actually 20 FACTORS, which are divided into positive and negative (must/avoid) sides.  
(1) Must: Bet pass to avoid:
    the odds of betting on single-head football are not as good as horse racing, horse racing can be bet on a WQ, etc., which may have good returns; but if you buy a single head, how much can you win? money first? So if you want to win money by buying waves, you must buy to pass the test. As for how many levels are appropriate? A friend of mine who is studying mathematics has carefully analyzed it with me. In fact, the relationship between three and four is the most suitable, both in terms of risk and reward, which are relatively balanced.

(2) Must: Avoid unpopular clearance: Popular clearance
    does not mean buying all unpopular clearances. Don't buy it when it's hot. And the favorites can buy them after the pre-match analysis is absolutely favorable, and at the same time they have a good stroke rate on the loss. If you buy buried d: 1.2x1.35x1.4. As the saying goes, the center and left do not eat meat. (But it seems that many people will buy it...because it fell into one of the two betting dead spots that I originally mentioned: I dare not buy it when it is cold, and it is thought that the hotter it is, the more stable it will be. . . )
(3) Must: avoid two-claw clearance: one-headed clearance
    should be shared one more day. Take buying a piece of 3x1 as an example. If you only buy one piece in each level, what is the chance of winning? In fact, it is only 1/27. Because the bettor has only one chance (33.33%) in each level, the Jockey Club/Banker has two (66.66%) chances to win your money. Bad for bettors. The chance of not being in is actually quite big. How to turn the bettor from disadvantage to advantage?
    If I choose two petals in two of these three levels, then the chance of winning will increase to 4/27, which is four times higher than the hit rate of choosing only one petal in three levels. But you may ask: to buy 4 fly, this is a general book. In addition, the larger the cost, the lower the return. That's what I'll read: That's right, only one of the four I bought is a chance to win, and three of them will be wasted, but don't forget, I have four chances to win money. , compared to having only the "only" one chance to win money, would it be much more advantageous for Shimi? In addition, the question about the lower return is not wrong, because the principal is more, the percentage of natural return will be smaller, but I will ask another question, do I want to buy a wave series microphone "medium wave" first? "Medium wave" is a must. Suppose someone buys a 3x1, and it will be 30 times as big, but someone buys four 3x1s using the above method, and in the end, the winning is 8 times, you will buy it? I will definitely choose the latter, because it is most important to have "Zhongbo" first. The former only needs to "open the side" a little. Even if there are 30,000 times are not in. Because it is "No Zhong". .
(4) Must: more cold, less heat, less avoidance: less heat and more cold
    Assuming that the above principles are used to buy four 3X1s, the odds are: 22 times, 20 times, 18 times and 16 times, I will definitely get 22 times and 20 times. Buy more D, 18 times and 16 times buy less D. What a point. How little is it? I generally use the proportion of (4, 3, 2, 1) to buy. That is, I will use $1000 to buy these four three levels in the plan, so I will use different bets of $400, $300, $200, and $100 to buy them, and I will never use the average (ie. $250) to buy it.
(5) Must: make up the bet to avoid: forget the bet
    and use the above example, some friends may ask: the proportion of the solution must be (4,3,2,1) sister? Should I use (5, 3.5, 1, 0.5)? Fight until you can win more D. But don't forget that I am not a fairy. Of course, I want to bet on it. But if the open side D. I may not win much money. But at least you can't lose money. If you really open that 0.5, you will lose $200 left. As the saying goes, you will lose money in the three passes. There is such a low-energy frame on the side. .
Another question: what about all four of them? This is the problem that was analyzed before the game. It is not that part of the bet is wrong. If you win the 0.5 and lose money, it is a mistake in the betting part, because there is no supplementary betting, and blind pursuit of high returns.
(6) Must: Fight less and avoid more: Fighting more and fighting less
    may seem simple on the surface, but it is exactly the mistake that many friends make. Without him, he is just greedy and greedy for small profits. In Romance of the Three Kingdoms, Cao Cao once commented on Yuan Shao, who was powerful at that time to make him stronger. Dali is afraid of his head and tail. (Roughly what it means).
  There are many people who are willing to use 10,000 yuan to buy Manchester United's 1.5 times the W, thinking that it is hard to win. But even if you win, do you get 50% in return? Totally not worth it. .

(7) Must: The capital must be enough to avoid:
the investment betting is good, the most important thing is to have the capital, this is the eternal law. I have two understandings about capital: (A) the amount of capital has a great relationship with your savings. Suppose you have a savings of 100,000 yuan and only use 10,000 yuan as a betting capital, and the corresponding psychological burden will not be too great. In addition, even if the true department loses 10,000, they can have the opportunity to use the extra 10,000 to carry out another plan. If you use 35,000 yuan as the capital from the beginning, the psychological burden will be large, and it will be more difficult to carry out another plan with confidence after losing the sun.
(B) If you don’t have enough capital, and you plan to buy it, you will easily miss some opportunities to win, or you will lose less or lose more money; so I mentioned before some friends who want to learn from me to buy waves, The first thing I asked them to do was saving money (of course, if you already have savings, you can't use it), and I told them to make part of the betting capital. Those who have been served clean, I told Qu Di to buy them.
(8) Must: set goals to avoid: no goals
Any plan must have goals, and betting plans are no exception. Many friends only hope: win more D. win more D. It's not a goal, it's just a desire. There are methods, steps, and time to achieve the goals of a plan. Take me as an example, I spent 10,000 yuan as capital two years ago, and the goal is to achieve a cumulative surplus of 50,000 yuan in three months.

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