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DescriptionHow to learn to read 1. Initial reference plate. In my long process of reading the market, I have been suspicious of what the intention of the dealer represents when the bottom of the first participation is in the market. Is it to create he

How to learn to read


1. Initial reference plate.

In my long process of reading the market, I have been suspicious of what the intention of the dealer represents when the bottom of the first participation is in the market. Is it to create heat, or is it really optimistic about a certain party. This problem has troubled me for a long time. When I opened one time, I suddenly found William's initial reference data, and after a long-term follow-up, I found that the initial reference market is actually the positive performance of the bookmaker's optimistic about the upper or lower order (the specific reasons are not listed here). Although this performance is not necessarily the final result of the game, at least it can be considered that the dealer is more optimistic about a certain side in the early stage. The specific method is very simple, convert your European compensation into Asian market, and the party with a lower water level or a party with a high (low) handicap to high water is the optimistic party. During the first round, don't think about whether it is hot or not, there is no need, no one can bet in the first round, it is for you to see. For example, it may be clearer: Assuming that the initial participation order supports flat/semi-low water, and the odds are equivalent to support flat/semi-medium-low water, then it means that the bookmaker is optimistic about the upper order. After understanding this, we can find that many experts who give the analysis of the upper and lower markets of the market in the initial participation can often get a correct rate of more than 60%. This is because the initial participation is essentially representative of the dealer's true intentions. a performance. Of course, some of this intention will be changed in later sessions, so it is difficult for even the masters to hit all of them. But what I want to say is that you can give 60% of the correct handicap in the initial participation, so as to admit yourself and ask everyone to recognize that you are a master, then you better stop watching, I am worried that you will not be able to listen at all. I said. Because as I said before, point-based analysis is very elementary. When you judge that the situation is better, please write it down in your notebook with a pen.

2. Bet the initial offer.

What does it mean to bet on the first bid? Betting at the beginning of the game means that it is time to start betting, and the risk of the bookmaker comes. After it is clear that the initial participation is the real intention, then the corresponding initial participation betting is very simple. Obviously this initial market is creating heat. So how do you make heat? In the past, the author's view was: the low-water side is the heat-generating side. It now appears that this approach has certain fallacies. The correct way is:
(1) Combined with the changes in the initial reference market - the initial betting market, analyze which side is the hottest in the initial betting market, and give the corresponding reasons. Of course, under normal circumstances, there is no obvious fault in using the low-water side of the initial offer as the heat-generating side.
(2) Combine the odds corresponding to the initial betting market and the initial betting market, and compare the Eurasian equivalent to analyze the heat-generating direction. Generally, the party whose actual handicap water level is lower than the odds-equivalent handicap water level is the heat generator.
(3) Record the two heat-generating directions on the notebook respectively. If they are in the same direction, the heat-generating direction shall prevail. If it is not in the direction, it is slightly better to take the low water side of the handicap.

3. Betting on the mid-table.

What does it mean to bet on the mid-table? It is the change of the water level of the handicap after the handicap is placed until the non-peak period of the handicap. Previously, I had been relatively ignoring the connotation of this mid-table, but now it seems that I was wrong. The mid-market bet is a direct adjustment of the future market trend and popularity by the dealer. It is a process that has the greatest impact on the spot market.
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