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DescriptionThe football index form that I want to talk about today is particularly classic. There are many football index forms, and some of the classic index forms are timeless and follow up in sequence. That is to say, although the games of each sea

The football index form that I want to talk about today is particularly classic. There are many football index forms, and some of the classic index forms are timeless and follow up in sequence. That is to say, although the games of each season are different, the corresponding index forms will have certain adjustments and changes, but some index forms have always existed. The form we are going to talk about today belongs to this. Therefore, when encountering this kind of competition and applying this data index form, this kind of competition can be a little bolder to choose. It was the same game again yesterday. The game was a Ligue 2 duel earlier last night.

The image above represents the background of the matchup between the two teams. The two sides are the home team Niort, which is ranked 8th in the league, and Grenoble, which is ranked 7th in the league. The visiting team is a newly-promoted team. After the upgrade, the record is very good. It seems that it is more suitable for the competition of high-level leagues. The home team has also made considerable progress this season compared to last season's lower ranking in the league. Comparing the home and away records of the two sides, 532vs433, the track record is 532vs433, the first round of this season, the result is normal, the visiting team in this game won a small victory at home, the data index at that time can also be seen from the above picture. In this matchup, on the whole, I believe that the tendency of the chips is not too obvious, and the results of both sides are normal. However, there is also a more interesting phenomenon in the track record of the two sides, and there has never been a draw.

So what is the data index in this field?

Ligue 2: Niort vs Grenoble

The data index table of this game is shown in the figure above, in which the index for analyzing this Ligue 2 league is applied to two groups. These two sets of indices and the backgrounds of the two sides constitute this classic exponential form, that is, a completely symmetrical exponential form.

2.65, 3.00, 2.65; 2.80, 2.87, 2.80. These two sets of indices, Index 1, first of all, are optimistic about the probability of winning the match between teams of equal strength. This is rare. And Index Two's subsequent views on the victory of both sides in this game are still exactly the same. Index 1 and 2 agree very well. In the case of relative values, in particular, the values ​​of the two pairs of indices that both sides win are significantly higher than the average value, and the difference above the average value is equivalent. It's rare for a game to be symmetrical in all aspects (usually not so many matchups occur in a single match), and a tie in the symmetrical structure is to be expected.

The above is the very classic form of symmetric index introduced by me (personal self-media name: Nostradam Football) through this game. This game is very symmetrical and usually does not need to be so symmetrical. In such a game, a draw can be chosen with some certainty. The above description is only a summary of certain experience, has a certain reference value, and only represents a personal summary of views, for reference only. Welcome to leave a message for discussion.

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