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Best Football Betting Strategy

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Description1, as the saying goes: Know yourself and the enemy, you will never die in a hundred battles. The Chinese football lottery adopts the Italian Totocalcil-style gameplay, that is, the results of all 9 Serie A games and 4 Premier League games a

1, as the saying goes: "Know yourself and the enemy, you will never die in a hundred battles." The Chinese football lottery adopts the Italian Totocalcil-style gameplay, that is, the results of all 9 Serie A games and 4 Premier League games are guessed. According to the rules of winning, tie, and loss in football games, we can calculate the first prize in the Chinese football lottery, that is, the probability of all guessing right is 1 in the 13th power of 3, which means that the fans have to win the prize. , The amount that must be bet is 3188646 yuan. However, in order to prevent the football lottery from becoming a pure gambling, the relevant departments only allow 10,000 bets, or 20,000 yuan, for each multiple lottery ticket. At the same time, since the first installment of the football lottery is only 2.18 million yuan, the guaranteed bonus is only 2.18 million yuan. The prize pool for the second prize won't be too high at once. Therefore, we remind lottery players not to be too ferocious in betting, and it is more appropriate to "long water".

2, judging from the trial operation, the issuance of Chinese football lottery is expected to exceed the current traditional digital gameplay and lotto gameplay in various provinces and cities. The national online circulation of the China Football Lottery issued on October 22nd is conservatively estimated to exceed 60 million yuan, and the prize pool for the first prize will not only be 2.18 million yuan, as to whether it can reach the capped single bet. 5 million yuan also depends on how many lottery players will win the special prize.

3, judging from the results of the 13 games in the trial run, the Premier League has fewer games and fewer upsets. Most of them have not lost points in the Premier League, while Serie A unexpectedly has six draws, Juventus, Inter Milan, AC Milan, Parma, and Roma were all tied, and Verona, who played at home, also lost to Bologna, who was in a very poor state before the game. But compared with the results of the game, the level of the Chinese fans' guesses is even more amazing. There were 21 lucky people who guessed the scores of all 13 games, and as many as 145 people guessed the 12 games. Based on such figures, we believe that in the first phase of the official release of the Chinese Football Lottery on October 22nd, there will definitely still be lottery players winning the first prize, which at the same time brings difficulties to the accumulation of the football lottery prize pool. If the National Lottery Management Center Without injecting bonuses into the prize pool, I think that in a short period of time, it is unlikely that there will be a single bet of 5 million wins.

4, I learned from the Italian lottery professionals that to win the first prize, that is, to guess the score of 13 matches, in addition to being familiar with the Serie A and Premier League teams, you must also adopt the correct betting strategy. Make good use of the multiple betting secrets of the football lottery. The simple algorithm is that if you can lock in the results of 12 games, but are not sure about the outcome of one game, then you can take the smallest multiple bet, that is, buy 1×3 for the result of one game ( Three kinds of results) Note, you can meet your requirements at a cost of 6 yuan. If you predict the results of 12 games accurately, you will get 1 first prize and 2 second prizes; if your predicted 12 games match After 11 games, you can also win 1 bet for the second prize; if you place a multiple bet on the results of two games, you should calculate 3×3=9 bets, and so on. The maximum number of multiple bets in a single football lottery is not Under the rule of more than 10,000 bets, you can place multiple bets on the results of up to 7 games, that is, you must spend 2187×2=4374 yuan betting

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