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DescriptionThe initial positioning method is a football lottery analysis method that can reach 70% accuracy, but there are certain conditions! First of all, the event we selected is for all mainstream leagues; it is not the few games that are played e

The initial positioning method is a football lottery analysis method that can reach 70% accuracy, but there are certain conditions!

First of all, the event we selected is for all mainstream leagues; it is not the few games that are played every day in the lottery (to be honest, it is difficult to get 70% of the correct rate in the lottery games, because they are all experienced layers. After screening, it is more difficult to present)!

Secondly, it is not that all the competitions are over 70%, but the logic of choosing 2-4 matches from the daily competitions (take a week or a month as an example, the total number can be counted).

Finally, taking the week as an example, it is not always possible to do it every week. For 52 weeks in a year, it can reach more than 45 weeks, which is what I call a stable rate of 70%!

The above points are just to tell you a truth, each analysis method is only suitable for some events, not universal! After all, football is round! If you don't have this knowledge, your understanding of football is still very superficial, it is recommended to quit as soon as possible, otherwise you will regret it!

Okay, get back to business, talk about 70% analysis!

I call it: "First Finger Analysis"

Preliminary analysis: As the name suggests, it is to make accurate analysis of the most primitive strengths of both sides; in fact, many games (unceremoniously, more than 90% of the games) can be analyzed by initial designation , And very precise!

Why is the initial designation so powerful?

The reason is very simple. For any duel between two teams, there will be a most basic assessment, which comes from: "The basic strength of the team, the lineup, the recent status, the record of the match, the market background..., and even the weather conditions. Player scandals and other factors"; the result of this basic evaluation will be opened as the first round (collectively referred to as the first reference). This is why many games are opened one week, one month, or even longer, because of the two sides. In fact, the initial evaluation of the slogan has already reached a conclusion very early!

And the positioning of the initial reference, the giant most of the time represents the definition of the true strength of the two sides! Of course, this definition of true strength is not always correct! There will also be wrong positioning, which is deliberately done by the crop!

Therefore, there are also two possibilities (correct or incorrect) for the initial assignment, which is easy to understand! The correct initial designation will often be played according to the normal conclusion (the so-called right path), while the wrong initial designation will mostly produce the opposite result (the so-called unpopularity).

What is the difference between the first index and the temporary disc?

Preliminary is actually the actual withdrawal of the initial reference; because as the game approaches, many team lineups/injuries are released, and there will be changes in the board at this time; there is another situation, that is, the crop will artificially adjust the changes in the board. To achieve the effects of attracting money, diverting, and hot, so as to confuse the players!

Therefore, in the strict sense, Propan is evolved from the initial reference! Therefore, the change in the immediate index without much change in the lineup will have a negative effect on the analysis of many people!

How to evaluate whether the initial assigned position is correct?

As mentioned above, to analyze the results through the initial reference, it must be inseparable from whether the positioning is correct. In general, it is whether the handicap party can afford it (if you can afford it, you can fight it, otherwise you can't fight it)!

To give an example: For example, if Manchester City play Manchester United, Manchester City made two goals in the first game. If Manchester City's strength positioning is affordable, then it will be able to play more than two goals. If Manchester City's positioning is not affordable, then this positioning is Wrong, the high probability of the goal is to attract Manchester City, it will naturally benefit the crops if it cannot be played!

The core of the initial designation: "Can pass the same league (joint assessment of concessions to multiple strong teams), the two sides' concessions in the past three seasons, home and away conversions (half a goal), recent status additions and subtractions", etc. These aspects are the main definitions, which can compare whether the concessions of the two teams are reasonable!

Regardless of whether it is reasonable or not, the final decision must be made in conjunction with the changing intentions of the market outlook; this is the so-called analytical logic! Only through the phenomenon can we see the essence (the lifting plate, the intention and purpose of rising and falling water)!

Well, that's it for theoretical articles!

In a future article, I will interpret the game based on the initial assignment! Follow me, you can learn more!

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