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Best Betting App for Football Odds

Author:Football Prediction SiteJan 12, 2022, 09:39:51Read times
DescriptionOdds Optimizer ( Football Odds Calculator ) is a very useful tool for calculating football odds . How are football odds calculated? Odds Optimizer (Football Odds Calculator) makes quick calculations for users. It can help the World Cup bett

Odds Optimizer ( Football Odds Calculator ) is a very useful tool for calculating football odds How are football odds calculated? Odds Optimizer (Football Odds Calculator) makes quick calculations for users. It can help the World Cup betting partners to calculate the best odds investment plan, choose the best investment skills, separate the eggs into different baskets, and no longer need to go to the rooftop.

Instructions for use:

1. Enter the amount to be invested, minimum 1 yuan, maximum 99999999

2. x, y, z, t are the odds of four upcoming buys respectively.

3. If you buy less than 4 odds, such as only two odds 1.2 and 7.5,

You can enter 1.2 for x and 7.5 for y0. The 3 odds are similar to the above.

4. Three buttons, from top to bottom are:

①All odds Kang's money is about the same.

② The lowest price of liposuction is enough to recoup the capital, and the other odds are bought more on average.

③The one with the highest fat rate is enough to pay back the cost, and the other ones with similar fat rate are bought.

5. Calculate the result (money) in the form of proportion below. (The sum of all proportional items is approximately equal to the total amount)

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