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DescriptionI am very happy to be invited by Hongcai. Let me share with you some tips and experiences in sports betting, both technical and psychological . Red Color Expert Captain: Lets talk about one that everyone likes to play first, that is, the lo

I am very happy to be invited by Hongcai. Let me share with you some tips and experiences in sports betting, both technical and psychological .

Red Color Expert Captain:


Let's talk about one that everyone likes to play first, that is, the low loss of two-string-one .


Low odds are generally about 1.3 for the standard win, and everyone knows that the odds of this odds in the peripheral bookmakers should be around 1.41, which should be one goal/ball and a half in the Asian handicap. Under this handicap, the main mentality of playing Asian handicap is to lose half-full, which means that the possibility of the home team winning is no problem, the key is whether it can win both. And there are many games of this kind on important game days (such as Friday, Saturday and Sunday), and often more than a dozen games can be found at the same time, especially the traditional strong teams in the mainstream European leagues like to play this trick . In this case, the second string one is relatively easy to profit, and of course it is easier to fall into the pit.

This kind of gameplay of mine mainly uses the psychological selection method, that is, the strategy is determined first. For example, I will play two-string-one today, and I will choose two games. Don’t be greedy. I wanted to buy a bicycle, so I ended up getting a BMW 5 Series; the second most important thing is to list all the dozen or so games, the odds range between 1.3-1.4, and neither below 1.3 nor above 1.4, and then use One by one, the criterion is your intuition, and two bets are finally selected. By the way, what is intuition? The so-called intuition is actually your subconscious experience, or which teams have been upset or are often upset in your impression. These unreliable teams are eliminated one by one according to their unreliable levels. , and there are two games left in the end. With the final choice, you have a good chance of making a profit.

Another way to play is the double-choice that everyone recommends by experts .


This is also often criticized by everyone, because many experts' double-choice odds are lower than 2.0. It seems that it may be a loss if you buy it. Why do experts recommend it? In fact, the double selection recommended by experts is mainly aimed at users who bet on multiple levels, not single levels. For example, betting on a two-string-one, choosing two games, and the Asian handicap is that the home team will let the hemisphere in the water. In this case, the odds of winning and losing should be 1.8 3.4 3.5. There is not much difference. The result of the bet is that both games are the main win and the draw is a crossover. If the two games are the main win at this time, it will definitely lose money. There are two options for this kind of gameplay. One is to win at least one of the games. Of course, if both games are tied, you will make a profit; the other is to adjust the betting funds. The bet of 1.8*1.8 Funds should be more inclined. This is the bonus optimization function launched by many website betting calculators. If the allocation of funds is reasonable, it can be profitable. Of course, you can choose Bo Leng, or you can choose to win steadily.

Another is that everyone has a very headache to let the ball win, especially when the home team has a relatively large advantage. For example, Spain plays Israel at home, and the odds of winning and losing the home team with two goals are 1.75 3.3 3.4, which means that if you choose 1.57, you have to guarantee that Spain will win three, and if you win two goals, you will lose. Generally, there is no way to touch the game, and the main win odds are often lower than 1.1, and the only option is to let the ball win. If you are very interested in this kind of game, it is recommended to directly choose the score method. If you are optimistic about winning only two goals, you will go directly to 2-0 and 3-1. If you are optimistic about the main victory, you will go directly to 3-0 and 4-0. As the so-called wealth and danger seek, seeking stability is basically difficult to achieve.

The above is the experience and experience of a few lottery games that I have shared with you. Please forgive each other for the biased place, discuss and exchange a lot, and enjoy the fun of betting together and catch big fish from the prize pool!

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