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Are Negative Odds Good

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DescriptionSince I came into contact with lottery in October 2013, I have always believed in the technical analysis route. Although I have some experience and experience, it is not enough to satisfy myself. In April 2014, with the encouragement of @Ap

 Since I came into contact with lottery in October 2013, I have always believed in the technical analysis route. Although I have some experience and experience, it is not enough to satisfy myself. In April 2014, with the encouragement of @Apex, I stepped into the field of football lottery research and started to build my own football match database system. Initial success. But the future is difficult and more and more things are happening, and there is a lot of research and testing work on data analysis and prediction algorithms for football matches. Therefore, on the one hand, I am summarizing, and on the other hand, I keep opening my own achievements in the blog, and the purpose is also to make more friends.

  Since the beginning of 2015, there has been an idea to let more people participate and improve it together. I also have a friend, such as @changshalaozhu, @danchao is interested, but has no time, so the progress is slow. For personal work reasons, the data is only updated for one month, and the research on the model is also stagnant. After thinking for a long time, I have to cast a wide net, so I re-activated the “Football Data Analysis Group” that has been stagnant for more than a year [Add the people I have known and contacted in the past year, considering that there are too many institutions and liars in the society, Sellers, there is no open access to join, all are checked by me for the time being and invited to join. Friends who need to join can only be recommended by friends, and only after they come to me for review], the people in the group are all friends, they are more real, they are also players, and they have various industries and technologies, so @matcha's suggestion Next, I decided to speed up the establishment of the "Smart Color Football Technology Research Team" and start a recruitment post here. Post my requirements, thoughts, ideas and conditions, and everyone will actively sign up, and I will screen them according to the situation. Others in the group don't have to worry at all, we will also show and share the research results and technologies with you.

  1. We pay attention to betting through data analysis and investment strategies, and take the technical route, which is the crystallization of wisdom and science;

  2. At present, our main energy is still focused on football events, other digital colors and basketball are not considered for the time being, but future interventions are not excluded;

  3. The team's existing research is mainly software, and some packaging is not excluded when appropriate to form a reasonable business plan;

  4. As for why football, see the analysis of this article: Why choose to play football lottery and the mentality of playing lottery?

  According to the current situation, in the first stage, I plan to recruit a team of about 5 people. As for the future situation, it depends on the specific development. The main requirements are as follows:

  1. The character must be good. I have met a lot of people in this industry, and I hope that everyone who enters has good morals and character. Of course, people who can read this article, I believe that they are basically not bad. To participate in this team, you need to have good morals. Self-control, to abide by the minimum system of the team;

  2. Love sports, especially football games, at least be interested in the football lottery industry, and think it is feasible [otherwise you think it is useless and unnecessary];

  3. Must be proficient in using the C# programming language, proficient is not proficient, master the basic grammar, and have written the code of basic functions such as database;

  At present, the team has 5 main task blocks. I hope you can choose 1-2 according to your actual situation. Of course, Daniel can self-recommend as the commander-in-chief.

  1. Data collection, update and maintenance module: The current collection system is relatively complete. Although it may not be reasonable, it can basically provide a large amount of test data. Someone needs to update this module, and the data source must be changed over time. It is possible to make some changes, and then make corresponding adjustments; this must be in the C# language; and then the data is collected according to the task every day or at a specified time. Of course, the previous collection module can be made into the form of a service to automatically collect, then the data is updated. It can be combined, or it is mainly focused on the interface display of data, and B/S or C/S may be used; this one is the best at present, but it is also the one with more tasks in the later stage; the data is all analyzed later Base;

  2. Statistical analysis module: The statistical analysis module is relatively technical, but it is relatively simple, that is, it needs to have some statistical ideas. Statistics provide ideas and solutions for forecasting and models. To do a lot of testing, you must know C# Only, I will also provide ideas, write codes, analyze, draw conclusions and reports based on the data in the database and statistical methods;

  3. Prediction algorithm module: In fact, there is not much temporary work in this area. In fact, it is also a reserve and forward-looking research. It requires a certain understanding and interest in machine learning or data mining. It has a little mathematical foundation and can learn quickly. Yes, we focus on practicality, not on theory, it doesn't matter much;

  4. Model research: In my thinking, algorithm and model are not the same concept. What I admire is low profitability, long-term investment plans, like financial products, so this is not just about prediction algorithms, we have to choose the appropriate investment strategy based on the probability obtained by the prediction algorithm and the current investment situation, This is the model. The model is a long-term combination process, which is much more complicated than the algorithm. It may be difficult to find like-minded people in this regard for the time being. I need everyone to participate in and slowly understand my ideas, and then gradually participate. This comprehensiveness needs to be very strong, C#, machine learning, investment strategies, and many ideas. Of course the most complex;

  5. Documentation: There is a lot of data about the model itself and statistical analysis. We don’t want all of it to be accumulated in the code, and we want more people to know about us, so we need to organize and publish documents and other things. In this regard, it is better to understand the ball, the idea and process of this model, and of course C# code.

  At the same time, I need experts in architecture. I have ideas, but the architecture ability is relatively weak, and I am still slowly adjusting.

  In general, everyone spends at least 4-5 hours a week on this project. If it is less, it is not suitable to participate, unless you are very capable and can complete other people's hours in 1 hour. Work. After all, many people in this industry do not yet understand, and there is a lot of knowledge to understand and understand, which will take a lot of time in the early stage, and I came here too.

  The general direction and work are arranged and decided by me, and I will also learn from everyone's suggestions and experience in terms of architecture.

  Everyone got together from all corners of the country, purely out of interest, and hoped to gain something. So some things are made clear in advance. Everyone should be careful when applying, and don't turn around or quarrel at that time, it will not be good to affect the harmony and unity.

  1. First of all, the team is not profitable for the time being, so there is no remuneration and profit-driven, and your labor is completely free, of course, it may be in the future;

  2. Once you join the team, I will let you access the codes of different programs and projects according to the actual situation. Once you leave later, you can get the code and information within the authority before you left, and do what you want to do. But we can't take it for ourselves, or in turn complain about our own people. While we can't promise you any compensation, the code is also of great value, depending on how you use it.

  3. When you enter the team, you will not be forced to work overtime to complete many tasks. The more tasks you complete at that time, the faster you progress, and the more things you will get later; and I will design a minimum deadline. Within 1 month, if there is very little code in the condition, or there are too few completed functions, I will consider temporarily disqualifying and give a buffer period. Generally, if there is no contribution or progress in more than 2 months, I will directly Disqualification, and I hope everyone understands, we want to leave the opportunity to more people.

  4. There is no time to sort out the management system and regulations of the team for the time being. For the time being, it is up to me to choose and choose. If there are more people to follow, many things will gradually develop better.

  5. As for the cost incurred by the team, it is not yet available, and it will be considered for negotiation in the future.

  6. As for the commercial packaging in the future, it must also be subject to my personal will.

  7. It is strictly forbidden to privately publicize the source code and files for personal promotion and commercial activities while still in the team, otherwise the source code you obtain is the source code, and it is directly eliminated. You leave the team to do it, we have no objection. After all, under the unpaid labor, these materials can be regarded as a kind of personal gain for you.

  The preliminary plan is actually quite ideal, but there may be various problems in reality, and we have to negotiate and move forward together.

  1.2015.07.01 Complete the team formation and basic knowledge training, so that everyone can enter the working state faster and perform their own duties; and discuss and determine the specific workload;

  2.2015.10.01 The data update of the event database will be more complete and automated, and the synchronous collection of multiple data sources will be started;

           Design of test and statistical analysis model and the coordination structure with the model for optimization

           Preliminary trial run of the competition model;

  3.2015.12.01 The prediction model entered the actual combat test, and the functions of other modules continued to improve;

  4. 2016.02.01 Model betting on actual combat, as well as model, data networking, and consideration of team development;

  5.2016.04.01 Start the official betting practice or gradually package the results;

  Application period: May 9, 2015 - May 12, 2015

  For application materials, please email:

  The application materials must include these contents. Note that it is not that I am lazy. It may be better for everyone to fill in a form. I did not because this is also a test of everyone's patience, care and enthusiasm. Look carefully at the requirements of the application materials. More, you can edit the email to me, or you can make the form to me, you can:

  1. Applicant's name, date of birth, gender, QQ number for common contact, E-mail. (Note that a mobile phone number is not needed for the time being, and work communication is carried out by QQ or email. We will introduce collaboration tools in the later stage. After all, we are doing this in our spare time, and we do not need a mobile phone number at this stage);

  2. The name of the applicant's current city of residence, and the nature of the work unit (the specific industry will do, the name of the unit is not required);

  3. The applicant's hobbies, opinions, and thoughts on lottery tickets, especially football lottery tickets, (very simple, a few sentences are also acceptable);

  4. The applicant's IT skills: programming languages, tools or components, or technical fields that will be used in the past 3 years at work, no need to be proficient, but you have been exposed to it, have actually done it, and understood it, it is OK, it can be convenient for me to carry out division of labor;

  5. The applicant's mathematical foundation: how you feel about the university's basic mathematics course, and then your opinion or interest in mathematics;

  6. The name of the project that the applicant has done, if there is privacy, replace it with XX, or not write it, send me 2-3 cs files for the code that is usually not written for work, representative code, and have a look. Of course, it is better to have specific works for direct reference; the main consideration is the technical ability of C# programming.

  7. The applicant's spare time after get off work in the past one month, the time spent at home or in front of the computer, can be calculated as the last two weeks*2. We don't need to have time every day, you can put together a few hours a week, or you can do it in pieces. Mainly because everyone's work may be very busy, and then family and life need to be considered.

  8. The applicant's thoughts on this team and your requirements after joining, if any, can be written down.

  Post a few screenshots of VS, you can get a general understanding of the project structure and workload.

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