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American Football Needs Analysis

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DescriptionThere are many ways to analyze a football game, and everyone has their own way of watching the game. Next, lets introduce the most common way for fans to analyze the game-Asian Handicap Analysis. The Asian handicap is only the first to look
There are many ways to analyze a football game, and everyone has their own way of watching the game. Next, let’s introduce the most common way for fans to analyze the game-Asian Handicap Analysis. The Asian handicap is only the first to look at the Australian lottery. Many Asian games refer to the opening of the Australian lottery. Therefore, here is an example of how to analyze the outcome of a football match.
Before that, we must first understand some basic knowledge of Ao Cai.
What is called "first disc"?
The initial market offered by Aucai is the "Preliminary Reference Odds", commonly known as the "Preliminary". The handicap ratio and water level are set by the Australian Lottery and will not change during this period, and bets are not accepted.
At 12 noon on the day of the game, bets will be accepted for the game. At this time, the market and water level of some games will begin to change. Since most bettors are in a wait-and-see state at this time, the amount of betting is very small and will not match the market or water level. Have a big impact. Therefore, the change in the ratio of the ball and the water level at this time is often the adjustment made by the trader of the organization, which may interfere with the thinking of the bettor, or it may be changed by the wrong opening in the initial market.
Betting enters the peak period until the market is closed. Handicap at this stage often changes a lot. Sometimes it is caused by a large amount of chips that has attracted the attention of institutions, passive adjustments made to balance betting funds, and sometimes because institutions have more accurate judgments on the results of the game, in order to induce The bettors make false bets and deliberately change the percentage of handicap and the active change of the water level. The two are very close and are not easy to distinguish. It depends on the specific situation.
To analyze a game by handicap, we must first understand the strength and state of the two teams, the past few seasons of the match record, and the situation of each team to gain insight into their fighting intentions.
Strength, status, fighting spirit
Handicap analysis is only one aspect of analyzing a game. At the same time, we need to understand the fundamentals of the game, because the handicap is important, but the handicap can carry the boat and overturn it. We believe that the accuracy is absolutely perfect. Not high, all data should be integrated.
1. The team's total goal rate and total conceded rate this season. This data can reflect the overall strength of the team. More goals indicate that the team has strong offensive power, and vice versa. Less conceded rate indicates strong defensive power of the team.
2. In the first 10 games of this round, it depends on the team's competitive state, scoring rate, pass success rate, turnover rate, conceded rate, etc., to judge whether the team's competitive state is good.
3. The team's conceded goals in the upper midstream, midstream and lower reaches. This data can reflect the team's coaching plan to deal with strong and weak teams. If the team scores fewer goals against a strong team, it concedes fewer goals. It shows that most of the coaches of this team have adopted the idea of ​​defending and counterattack against strong teams.
4. Home and away goals and goals conceded data. If the team is of the home dragon, away insect type, be careful in the away game.
5. Battle intentions, you need to pay attention to the team's schedule of recent rounds. For example, some teams will make a strategy of giving up a certain league game at a critical period of an important cup. At this time, the team's fighting spirit and energy will definitely not be fully invested in this game.
6. Physical problems. Some teams fight on multiple lines and play multiple matches in a short period of time, and some teams have to travel long distances to fly back and forth. The physical and mental state of the players is definitely not as good as the team that waits for work. Of course, if a team has a strong lineup and can send two main lineups to challenge, this is another matter.
Of course, only six aspects are summarized here. In fact, there are still many things to analyze, such as the injury situation of the team, the weather conditions of the game, the atmosphere of the team, etc., because not every situation occurs in the game. It is the same, and we have to make a specific analysis based on the specific situation.
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